About us

The Duyfkenschool offers a range of language courses for children of different skill levels. All our students attend different regular primary schools across Brisbane and come to our school every Wednesday afternoon to work on their language development.


The Duyfkenschool was founded in 2008 by a group of Dutch parents who identified a growing need for Dutch language lessons in Brisbane. The school is named after the first European ship that reached Australian shores. The Duyfkenschool Foundation is a non-for-profit organisation, led by a board. All lessons are taught by teachers who are native Dutch speakers. The school is managed by the principal.

The school has on average approximately 45 students.  All staff are native Dutch speakers who hold a current ‘Blue card’ required to work with children in Australia. The Duyfkenschool works closely with the Dutch consulate in Brisbane, the Dutch Ministry of Education, Education Queensland (EQ), Australian based businesses with links to the Netherlands and other Dutch language institutes and cultural schools. The school is open to anyone interested in Dutch language and culture, irrespective of their own cultural background.

Being bi-lingual

Besides the fact that the Duyfkenschool can help children with a return back to the Netherlands or Belgium, there are other advantages of teaching children a second language. It helps children with staying touch and building a bond with friends and family in the Netherlands/Belgium. Additionally, it is a proven fact that bi-lingual children become stronger in developing connections in everyday life, which will improve their developments in other areas. They become quicker in abstract thinking and technical reading. Whilst teaching a second language gives children more opportunities later in life when entering the employment and can even help against dementia.


The Duyfkenschool is connected with NOB a department of the Dutch Ministry of Education. NOB provides Dutch Language schools abroad with advice and financial support. In addition the Duyfkenschool is looking for sponsors and grants to stay affordable and survive long into the future. If you or your organisation is interested in being a sponsor for our school financially or otherwise, please contact Annelies Venner. (info@duyfkenschool.com