Our activities

Tailor-made Dutch education

At the Duyfkenschool we offer customised education. We respond as much as possible to the language skills and the needs of each student.


Living in Australia means being surrounded by English-speaking people, programs and books. Maintaining and increasing the vocabulary is a challenge that we like to enter into with our students!

Reading (comprehension)

Although our pupils learn to read at their (Australian) day school, from group 3 a lot of attention is paid to Dutch reading. From group 4 here is reading comprehension.

Speaking and listening

At the Duyfkenschool the children speak a lot in order to (continue to) feel familiar. In addition, we regularly work on (comprehension) listening in the form of stories and instructions.


Dutch is a tough language to learn: some letters are pronounced differently than in English and there are many rules. We are working hard on this.

Social interaction

The Duyfkenschool is there to stimulate the language development of the children, but also for the social interaction between children and their parents.

NTC days (Dutch language and cultural days)

We hold an NTC day 4 times a year: a day dedicated to Dutch (and Flemish) Language and Culture. The day has always a theme, such as “water”, “children’s book week” or “historical figures”.


We at the Duyfkenschool love a social gathering. King’s Day and Sinterklaas are examples of this. Usually these celebrations are open to children from outside the Duyfkenschool.

School camp

Once a year, the middle and superstructure goes to camp. Cooking together, playing games and of course going outdoors. Good for Dutch language development because only Dutch is spoken.